Data economy strategy – UE

The European Commission adopted a Communication on building a European data economy on 10 January 2017, based on the conclusions of the Communication on data-driven economy (2014).

This Communication and the accompanying Staff Working Document address issues on free flow of data/data localisation. They also look into emerging legal issues in the context of new data technologies (e.g. access, liability, portability). These legal issues include:

  • access to and transfer of non-personal machine-generated data,
  • data liability, and
  • portability of non-personal data, interopability and standards.

On the basis of these documents, the Commission is organising a dialogue with stakeholders, including a public consultation. This will help identify policy measures that would unleash Europe’s data economy in a Digital Single Market.

Fuente: Servicio de investigación de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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