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Five Ways Hackers Can Use Your Email 8 Aug 2020, 12:19 am

A hacked email can cause lots of problems, and for good reason. Your shopping, social media, cloud storage, web hosting and tons of other personal info is out there and if someone manages to get into it, hackers can mess up your life quite a bit.

There are a number of ways your email can be hacked but probably the easiest way is to hack your cell phone. Cell phones are often the doorway for hacking attacks either through fake apps or even commercial spy apps.

Apps like mSpy are easily available and can allow anyone without hacking skills access to all your phone information including your email accounts. These apps are extremely powerful and easy to use.

This article will take a closer look at how hackers can use your email against you but you should be aware that all is not lost. If you know you have been hacked there are ways to remove hackers from your phone quite easily.

Worried about scammers hacking your email? Here are just a few things they can do.

Target Your Friends

Hackers can use your email to contact your friends, potentially scamming money out of them under the disguise of you. For instance, they’ll claim that you are in some kind of financial situation, be it a mugging, a car accident, or what have you, and that you need to send money by routing it to a certain bank account to do this. However, the money your friends send goes to the hacker, and it makes you look bad.

If they’re your trusted friend, however, they should know when something’s up. Their email to them will sound nothing like you, and they’ll call you to make sure. This can backfire in the hacker’s face, since you’re aware your account has been compromised.

They Can Erase Your Data

By grabbing hold of your email, they can access your Google account, your Facebook, your Twitter, your cloud storage and more, then they can erase everything you have on there. Even from your devices. Many devices are integrated with cloud storage, making it easy for a hacker to swipe everything.

They Can Destroy Your Personal Image

Besides asking your friends from money, they could use your social media accounts to broadcast hateful messages. But that’s not all. They can find personal photos of yourself and post them online. Take the now-defunct website

This site hosted revenge porn, which nude photos of a person that are posted online without the person’s consent, usually by a jealous ex or someone else seeking revenge. Many photos on the site were from hacked accounts. Thankfully the site is down, and the owner, Hunter Moore, is in serious trouble.

However, there are other sites like that out there. In a world where people send compromising photos to each other without thinking twice, it’s easy for them to be leaked. Our advice would be to keep such personal things to yourself or use messaging services that don’t allow the user to save.

Purchase Things

Many store websites keep payment information. It makes it convenient for returning customers who don’t want to type numbers every time they purchase. Amazon, the biggest outlet, does require you to reenter credit card information if you send it to another address, but many outlets don’t do this.

All it takes is a password reset, and then the person can do whatever to your account.

Snoop Into Your Conversations

By accessing your email, hackers can snoop into private conversations, whether it’s on Facebook, through email, or another service. Our advice would be to delete or encrypt all conversations you have, but not many people do that.


In many ways your email is a master key that a hacker can use to access your other accounts and any part of your digital life connected to that email can be accessed once the hacker is in. Hacking the phone itself can give them access to pretty much everything you use on that phone.

However, you can protect yourself. You can use temporary or disposable  emails, or use multiple emails for different parts of the internet like having one for social, one for shopping or one for more personal things. Another thing you can do is to use two-step authentication, which will require input by you personally once you log in.

You should always keep your online security under review. Protecting your cell phone with a good antivirus app is a critical first step. Using strong passwords is another great way to protect yourself from hackers and scammers.

Unfortunately the technology we have come to rely on is also being used as a means to attack us. The secret is to stay ahead of would be hackers and find ways to keep your technology safe and secure.

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Why FinTech Makes Borrowing Easier Than Ever 8 Aug 2020, 12:00 am

If you’re like many people coming out of their lockdown quarantines, your emergency savings may be at an all-time low. The average American worker lost about $9,000 over the course of the pandemic, and this loss can be a hard one to handle. It could mean you’re utterly unprepared should disaster strike and an unexpected emergency expense joins your budget.

In a crisis, FinTech (or Financial Technology) offers a swift solution to your financial problems. This portmanteau is short for a growing number of financial services that offer online loans.

What Are Online Loans?

An online loan is simply a loan you apply for, receive, and repay over the Internet. This broad definition encompasses a wide variety of loans, and each one comes with a unique purpose, eligibility criteria, rates, terms, and conditions.

Before you apply for an online loan, evaluate why you need to borrow money. The answer to this question can help you determine which kind of online loan is best suited for your needs.

The loan specialists at MoneyKey make it easy to compare your options. If you visit, you can see a direct comparison of payday loans and installment loans, two popular online funding options. While they may be able to help you compare these types of loans, they don’t offer payday loans to new customers in any state.

Moving the Borrowing Experience out of the Bank

It wasn’t too long ago that you would have called up your nearest bank branch to make an appointment with a financial advisor about borrowing money. During your interview, you would speak with the advisor about your options and fill out an application in their office.

Nowadays, you don’t have to make the trip to speak with a person face-to-face, nor do you have to take time out of your day to ensure you can make an appointment during typical business hours.

An online lender can assess your needs and accept your application on their website. Powerful tech backs these sites so that these lenders can efficiently receive, process, and store your application.

With social distancing measures still in effect worldwide, being able to stay home comes as a considerable perk. Not only will you eliminate the risk of spreading the virus, but you’ll also neatly side-step many of the safety measures put in place at traditional banks thatmay slow down the process.

Automating Several Steps of the Process

Some of the technology used by online lenders is an AI that quickly reviews your application. Although there is a real human that oversees this function, automating this step speeds up the process. In some cases, you may find out if you qualify within minutes.

By comparison, the traditional in-person method can take significantly longer. You may be waiting to hear if you qualify several days after you hand in your application. And this says nothing for the amount of time it takes to get to your bank and sit through an interview.

All told, it could take a long time to borrow money the old-fashioned way. And in an emergency, you don’t have any time to spare; you need to handle your unexpected expense quickly and efficiently before late fees compound your problems. So, the next time you’re fielding an unexpected emergency, check out what FinTech solutions can do for you.

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5 Study Tips for e-Learning this Summer 7 Aug 2020, 11:59 pm

Summer is finally here! Unfortunately, so is COVID-19. Many students are trying to balance a normal summer with the need to maintain social distancing strategies. It’s likely that some form of school opening is going to happen in September, but online learning is going to be a facet of students’ education in the foreseeable future. For students thinking about summer school, an online high school is going to be the way to go. There are many advantages to virtual learning, and many students will prefer the online environment to a traditional classroom.

Firstly, instead of being at the whim of the class average, virtual learning allows learners to advance at their own pace. If a student is blazing through a particular topic, they can expedite coursework and move on to more challenging themes. Conversely, a student that is struggling can take their time to internalize the topic before moving on.

Considering that students are working at their own pace, they are encouraged to develop the time-management skills they’ll be using throughout their careers. It’s important to learn how to work smart, not hard! Also, through virtual-learning, students will be directly introduced to cloud technology.

Just like workers in the 1920s had to utilize newspapers, developing familiarity with the concept of software-as-a-service is essential to workers in the modern world, and through virtual learning, students can get a valuable head start. Finally, through virtual learning, your commute is removed! Students are no longer required to be in a particular physical location; instead, they can access their education anywhere with the right virtual school.

Long school commutes can also be devastating to students, and the time spent on the bus can easily be harnessed into more productive activities, such as extracurriculars or career development.

That said, virtual learning can be very different from traditional approaches, and requires a little preparation to really make the most of it. Here are five tips to make studying from home successful:

1. Maintain regular hours

When you’re learning from home, you have a lot more flexibility than in a traditional school. However, maintaining regular “school” hours will help you maintain a healthy balance between studies and your other activities. Maintaining a schedule also helps you work more efficiently.

2. Take regular breaks

Cramming doesn’t work. Working for hours and hours doesn’t help you learn — in fact, it hurts your retention. Without regular breaks, students’ output, mental health, and overall performance suffer. Try to take a short break every hour or so to keep yourself fresh.

3. Ask for support if you need it

It can be distressing to struggle with a topic alone. If you’re having difficulty with a topic, consider reaching out to your instructors. The right online high school will have teachers that are certified by the state or province, who will be available to impart personalized assistance during set times.

4. Make a workspace

Establish a place that is your “desk” and try to do all your schoolwork from there. It will help your productivity if you can make your desk your dedicated learning space, and you will be less tempted to waste time on social media! Keep any “fun” devices such as phones or video game consoles in a different room. This separation will instill a sense of work and reward that pays off in spades.

5. Go outside!

It’s lovely outside! Staying inside, surrounded by screens shreds your sleep schedule, especially if you’re using them in the evening. It’s really important to take the time to periodically go outside, reset, and recharge.

Follow these tips, and your foray into virtual school learning will be an easy transition. Good luck!

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How to market your brand on Instagram? A detailed guide 6 Aug 2020, 3:21 am

There is more to Instagram than visually appealing photos and videos. When the app first came out in 2010, we couldn’t stop sharing photos of our lunch and dinner with the ‘retro’ filter. And it has advanced at a much faster pace. Do not get deceived by the simplicity of this app, it is the perfect tool marketers need to turn their brand into a roaring success. In fact, it can be a goldmine for businesses that use it the right way.

Read on to find out how to find the right strategy to make the Instagram account of your business click with the relevant audience. It does not matter whether you work in an NGO, a retail store, or trucking business, the right Instagram will pay off for everyone. To get ahead, you really need to know the platform inside out and keep a tab on new updates.

Optimize your Business Profile

Just like a brick and mortar store, your Instagram profile is a reflection of your business. Today’s user has a very short attention span, in which they decide whether your account is impressive or not. By completing the following checklist, you can optimize your Instagram profile so that it is ready to welcome people:

  • Profile name, photo and links of your brand as shown on other social media websites
  • A bio that explains your business in the best way
  • A brand hashtag that you use in other social media websites as well
  • The color palette of your account should be followed when creating posts

No one optimizes like good old McDonalds on the internet. One look at their Instagram account and you feel like you walked into your neighborhood McDonalds store:

Define your target audience

Before you create content, you need to define the target audience who should see your content. In order to start with a target buyer, here are some places that can help you gather information:

  • Analytics on other social media platforms
  • Competitor research, especially on Instagram
  • Value statement for your brand (some brands define a different strategy for each social media account)
  • Your existing buyers
  • Create a Lead Quiz

Once you have one or two buyer personas, you can start thinking of content. If most of your buyers have been college students residing in Chicago, you can make content about Chicago college life and then plug your product or service smartly in the content.

Evernote is a popular note-taking application that can now record voice notes and secure your media into a post as well. However, their key message is to ‘develop products and services that help you remember things’.

Evernote’s Instagram is all about productivity tips, making travel plans, and lots of lists. None of these posts blatantly force the target audience to download the app. Instagram helps Evernote reinforce their marketing messages while providing gorgeous photos that people love to engage with.

Appeal to Instagram Shoppers

Before getting amazed by the daily users of Instagram (about 2 billion!), you should know about the kind of people who join Instagram. People on Instagram are shoppers who soak up your marketing messages and act upon your advice. Your magic trick to sell to these shoppers without writing ‘BUY FROM US’ in every post is by becoming one of them. Let us explain through an example:

Aaptiv is a workout application that helps people achieve their fitness goals. Some people love to run, but not everyone feels motivated to wear their running shoes and trot out on the street. Aaptiv cracked the code to make their content look natural, yet appealing to the target audience. Here is the mini video they created for the target audience:

The ad shows a fit girl running on a treadmill and looking in perfect shape. The ad makes you wish you become a version of her with the dream of that perfect body. Using Instagram’s short video limit as a challenge, Aaptiv succeeds to impress viewers with an equally interesting ad copy and caption. Once you show people who they want to be and then associate your product along, you do not have to pitch the product in any other way.

Leverage Story Posts as often as you can

Instagram stories are just as influential as the grid posts. Almost 1.7 billion people use Instagram stories every day, and get valuable information from the accounts they follow, including brands. Most of this follower base is Millenials or Gen-Z, who look towards online entities for decision-making during shopping. Your product or service will be in the limelight as long as it goes up on insta stories.

Bn3th is an underwear brand with a dedicated online strategy, including affiliate programs, referrals, and flash sales. They not only use Instagram stories but also implement simple features like geo-tagging and hashtags to increase the effectiveness of story content. Here they are informing users about all the locations where their stock is available to shop:

Stories are also important for rainy days when you are running out of new content. In such situations, you turn towards story posts to remain active on your followers’ timelines and show them that you are alive and thriving.

Last word

The popular app of 2010 is now a marketer’s weapon of choice while launching powerful social media campaigns. Instagram continues to rule the social media world, and you should remain prepared for its next turn. Be ready to scoop up billions of likes that are spread on the app every day. The key to marketing on Instagram is to be friends with your audience.

Lastly, never cease to improve with the help of analytics. Instagram shows a limited 15-day activity, but it is still a treasure trove of information about your followers’ demographics and peak usage times. Use this data to tweak your content, and soon you will start curating the feed with a data-driven strategy.

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Best Ways to Promote Your Website In 2020 6 Aug 2020, 1:09 am

Thousands of websites are released on a daily basis and not all of them become popular enough to get ranked in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You will need to spend time and effort to create a buzz around your website and create engaging and useful content to communicate with your target audience.

Even if your marketing budget is small, there are still very effective promotional strategies to advertise your website in 2020.  Let’s get into more details about each of them:

  1. Create a Blog with Optimized with Keywords Content

Blogging is one of the best way to promote your website but before you start creating content for your Blog section, it is recommended to compile a list of keywords to develop your content around. This is called a semantic SEO and it is a method of improving your website’s traffic by putting more meaning into your content. First thing that you should do is the research for phrases and words that describe your product or services. These words should match the search intents of your potential users. This gives you the possibility to determine search queries which you can use to improve your rank in search engines. It is a fact that blogs not only increase the visibility of the company but the sales too.

You can use keyword planners like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, or Ubersuggest from Neil Patel to analyze relevant user search queries for your target country and select the most suitable for your website’s niche.

Once the keywords list is completed, you can start planning topics and frequency of posting. It is recommended to publish more than 5 articles per month with 1200-words length for each post. Remember that though you need to include keywords relevant to your article’s topic, you write content for people, not only search engines, that is why make sure it is engaging, interesting, and up-to-date. Remember about images and videos on your website as well. It makes your site look better, which is also needed for website promotion. Therefore, write interesting blogs regularly to promote your store and increase the sales!

  1. Create Social Media Account for Your Business

While most people are looking for solutions to their inquiries in search engines, there are still a lot of people who are active on social media and follow influencers to get their advice on various products and services.

Therefore, it is recommended to create accounts for your business on various social platforms and promote your website content there. You can not only distribute your new posts to potential users and clients but also communicate in relevant groups to create a buzz around your website and business.

Even if your product is under development, it is a good pre-launch marketing strategy to promote your business social media accounts 2-3 months before the launch. This way you will create a buzz around your solution and you will get the first users once it is launched to the market.

  1. Be Active on Quora and Reddit

Q&A platforms are still very popular when looking for answers to various questions. A good way to promote your site and business is to register on Quora and Reddit and share your professional experience and insights with your target audience. Search for questions relevant to your niche and provide professional answers showing your expertise and recommending your product or service where relevant. For example, if your product is used for language learning you can search questions related to this topic such as tips, tricks, or challenges that learners may face and provide professional advice and share your expertise.

  1. Work on the Natural Backlink Profile.

It is recommended to create backlinks at various types of websites, such as  directories, catalogs, blogs, and others. You should do link building as naturally as possible. Try to look for relevant resources, where you can create member profiles on the forums, answer questions on your topic, and so on. Guest posting is another popular tactic of link building. You can search the web resources and blogs, which are relevant to the topic of your product or service and ask for an opportunity to contribute to their resource.

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How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience 6 Aug 2020, 1:04 am

In the business world, you may have heard the term “user experience” thrown around here and there. The “UX” terminology  has become synonymous with web design, but most people make broad assumptions about what user experience actually entails. The fact is, user experience is about so much more than usability. Just because your website is easy to understand doesn’t mean it creates the best user experience possible. User experience focuses on the experience that user has with your “product”—in this case, the website.

Visual Appeal

Visual appeal plays a big role in your ability to curate a great digital user experience. Think about it: you have mere seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, and first impressions are lasting impressions. First and foremost, visual design impacts emotion. There are numerous studies that demonstrate how design impacts user perception. Emotional design can even help you build a better relationship with your consumers. Elements of an aesthetically pleasing design include balanced white space, high-quality images, and attractive call to actions and lead capture forms.

Segment Key Information

No matter how complex your products and services are, there is a simple way to communicate your message. Good UX means you’re always giving users the option to learn as much or as little as they’d like. However, in simplifying your messaging, you need to convey the most important value propositions you have to offer. One way to do this is by segmenting key information using headers, sub-headers, and bullet points. Focus on the benefits your product offers, how you can solve their problem(s), and key features.

Of course, your CTAs will supplement your segmented information. For example, if you had an SaaS product, you might encourage the user to sign up for a trial and try it out themselves. If you’re struggling to understand how to communicate in easily digestible pieces, hire a marketing agency or freelance copywriter to help you get your message across in the best way possible.

Safety & Security

Of course, you want your visitors to feel safe and secure using your website. That security is ingrained in your user experience; if you have elements on the page that don’t seem legitimate, your visitors are more likely to move on to the next best thing. Identification and authentication are the two pillars of most security systems. Incorporating high-end security elements such as two-factor authentication and identity verification can demonstrate your commitment to providing secure connections for your users—particularly those that need to sign in and out and exchange sensitive data with your website. Furthermore, good UX will naturally improve your security. For instance, magic links, smart perimeters, and simple safety will go a long way towards a strong user experience.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency refers to the elements you use to ensure that your brand is recognizable across several mediums. Your brand voice should also be consistent with your design. A fun, playful tone wouldn’t work well with an impersonal or corporate-looking website, as these two methods create different messages.

A consistent look and feel helps establish trust and familiarity. Brand consistency also sets the foundation for the right expectations. When people associate your products with a particular experience, they’ll expect the same level of experience time and time again and are more likely to turn into loyal customers and clients.

Customer Service

Over the past few years, there’s been a debate over whether customer service efforts fall under the user experience category and responsibility. However, if you really want to leverage your user experience, these two things should be interlinked. Simply put, customer service is a part of your product.

Both customer service and user experience have the same goals and methods in mind: both strive to create an experience where the user doesn’t have any questions and is happy with their experience. Therefore, customer service should use their knowledge of the product to work with the design team to create an experience that helps answer the questions they might have long before they’re asked. Anticipating the challenges a visitor might face with a website or concerns they have over your core product offerings can mitigate issues in advance, creating an all-around satisfactory experience.

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ECommerce Growth During COVID-19 6 Aug 2020, 12:36 am

Though the global pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus has impacted many brick-and-mortar businesses, eCommerce continues to thrive. In fact, many online brands have grown and are seeing more sales than ever. Here, we’ll discuss eCommerce trends during coronavirus and how sales are faring. We’ll also explore one example of a thriving eCommerce site, Jote-ta.

How is COVID-19 Impacting ECommerce?

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, toilet paper, hand soap, and hand sanitizer sales were off the charts. But once the surge calmed down, new trends started to emerge.

You might expect eCommerce to tank the same way that in-store businesses did. After all, many industries—including retail, food, transportation, and tech—have experienced devastating drops in sales.

But instead of worsening, many eCommerce sales skyrocketed. In the first quarter of 2020, consumers spent 14.5 percent more at online retailers than they did the previous year. That’s a difference of nearly 20 billion dollars, and that was only in the first quarter of the year.

Why Is ECommerce Doing So Well?

The truth is that many people prefer to shop online rather than venture out during the pandemic. A combination of boredom and the desire to continue life as normal leads people to shop online. And, as the evidence confirms, consumers are buying even more than they used to. But there are more reasons why eCommerce is faring well.

Ease of Shopping

ECommerce continues to do well because it’s easy for people to buy the things they want online. In fact, it’s far easier to buy online than to shop in-person, especially if you are looking for a specific product.

Mobile Shopping

Being able to shop from home is one thing—but shopping via smartphone is another. The fact is that many consumers shop from their smartphones and tablets. Whether through apps like Amazon or on their phones’ browsers, many shoppers don’t sit down at the computer to purchase.

ECommerce sites with mobile-friendly websites have the best offerings for customers. And, as Statista confirms, nearly half (49.2 percent) of retail commerce sales were mobile in 2020. In 2021, the figure is expected to grow to 53.9 percent. For retailers with mobile-friendly sites (or apps), that’s excellent news, despite the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Payment Flexibility

Plus, accepting a range of payment types—from PayPal to Venmo to Android and Apple wallet options—helps eCommerce sites retain more business than ever.

ECommerce Case Study: Jote-ta Online

During a time when many traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses are closing, shops like Jote-ta are flourishing. Selling items that can ship anywhere in the world is a significant perk of eCommerce.

Just as you can ship items across the globe, you can also attract an international audience of consumers.

What is Jote-ta?

Jote-ta is a Korean digital shop that sells special items for Korean traditions. From clothing for special occasions like dol to printable templates for a doljabi board, Jote-ta has a range of products for shoppers to choose from.

Why Is Jote-ta Doing Well Despite COVID-19?

Stores like Jote-ta continue to see high sales because people are still shopping. The online business model means that consumers can find the products they want, like a Doljabi set, without going into the city to buy them.

There’s also the fact that multicultural families based all over the globe have certain products in mind when they shop. For doljabi, for example, Korean families outside of Korea will find it difficult to buy the products they want for the tradition.

Because of economic closures in all countries, asking family to buy items for your child’s doljanchi and ship them to you is nearly impossible. It can also be more expensive than shopping online for the same products.

What is Jote-ta Doing Differently During COVID?

All of Jote-ta’s products are made in Korea, and each item can ship internationally. Because of the shop’s online model, there are few adjustments to make for the business to survive COVID.

To date, the only change to Jote-ta’s methods is a bit longer shipping time. While pre-COVID shipping timelines were four to six days for international orders, the pandemic has pushed those dates to 10 to 15 days instead. Domestic orders also increased to a three to five business day window, rather than one to three days.

Jote-ta continues to offer high-quality products for children and families. And with the benefit of a user-focused site experience via Shopify, the website has remained accessible to all shoppers—both international and domestic.

Fortunately, the digital Korean shop was already well-equipped for the effects of the pandemic. Beyond shipping date adjustments, the business has weathered the coronavirus exceptionally well.

What Consumers Are Buying on Jote-ta

Though most children’s birthdays and special celebrations—like graduation—are canceled due to social distancing, families still want to celebrate. That means birthday, graduation, and other celebration supplies are best-sellers online.

Many consumers are purchasing hanbok sets, first birthday decorations, and doljabi sets for their children.

Think about how you, as a shopper, would approach your family’s special occasions during the pandemic. Even though the family may not be able to gather for a birthday, marking the event helps your loved ones make and share memories.

Maybe your child’s doljanchi is coming up, and you want a special baby boy hanbok or baby girl hanbok. Or maybe you are celebrating their first birthday and need a doljabi banner.

Either way, everything is available at Jote-ta, helping families maintain a sense of normalcy even while the pandemic changes everything about their daily lives.

Final Thoughts on ECommerce During Coronavirus

From celebrating your child’s first birthday to preparing for their doljabi, you can find the traditional Korean products to suit. More than that, thanks to eCommerce, consumers all over the globe can find and buy the items they want to commemorate special family moments—and more.

Despite COVID-19, online businesses like Jote-ta are thriving. Based on the evidence so far in 2020, eCommerce is the way to go for global retailers who want to remain in business during and after the pandemic.

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Top 10 Cannabis Strains That Can Help People With Insomnia. 5 Aug 2020, 3:32 pm

Have you ever had insomnia during your nights? Although it happens to everyone especially in times of stress, there are people with chronic insomnia; Some people with insomnia have trouble falling asleep, while others wake up all night and have trouble falling back to sleep afterward. This insomnia usually occurs at least three times a week.

Acute insomnia lasts less than a month, while chronic insomnia lasts more than a month; Insomnia affects the quantity and quality of sleep, making it difficult to achieve therapeutic levels of sleep, which untreated causes drowsiness, anxiety attacks, and depression.

Insomnia can lead to professional and emotional problems, as well as drowsiness at the wheel which is 70% of the cause of fatal car accidents; Although this has not been scientifically proven, insomnia can cause pulmonary and psychiatric illnesses in people who suffer from it.

Insomnia is also a side effect of taking stimulants like alkaloids, as well as depressants like alcohol, each of which can disrupt the regular sleep cycle. Finally, insomnia can be the result of daily stress related to work, human relations, environmental factors (excess noise), and climatic factors (cold, heat).

There are some biological factors associated with insomnia.

Studies have shown that people with insomnia may need a high dose of the strain-secreting corticosteroid, which plays a role in morning arousal. People with sleep disorders are also very sensitive to the consequences of corticosteroids; Besides, insomnia is linked to the hormonal reduction of steroids and pollute, which can during the crisis period. Typically, people with insomnia self-medicate with alcohol and benzodiazepines, both are extremely dangerous.

Alcohol abuse can lead to physical and psychological changes that can disrupt your sleep cycle and lead to addiction. Likewise, benzodiazepines in particular which have a short effect on insomnia can also be addictive.

How to prevent insomnia?

Here are some tips to avoid insomnia daily.

ü Do some physical exercise in the evening before bedtime.

ü Reduce your alcohol consumption, especially in the evening.

ü Avoid long naps during the day.

ü Avoid stressing.

ü Eat lightly in the evening before going to bed; especially, avoid meals late at night.

Here are Top 10 Cannabis Strains That Can Help People with Insomnia.

  1. LA Confidential strain
  2. Grape Ape Kush
  3. Sunset sherbet strain
  4. 9 Pound Hammer strain
  5. Cherry Pie Kush
  6. Night Nurse marijuana strain
  7. Dolato strain
  8. Night Shade cannabis strain
  9. Granddaddy Purple strain
  10. Comatose OG Kush

LA Confidential strain

La confidential cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid created by DNA biological science in the early 2000s. This weed is third place winner for best Indica at cannabis cup 2004 awards and second place winner in 2005.

The LA Confidential buds have high green color lined with orange hairs and white trichomes. This cannabis strain is best for evening and evening time use. LA Confidential marijuana is useful for block out all external distractions, permitting them to focus on thoughts or a task at hand.

Grape Ape Kush

Grape Ape cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that sports a purple hue and delicious grape style. However, don’t underestimate Orap Apes’ buzz; it delivers a powerful punch because of high THC cartridges. Grape Ape marijuana strain indicates ascent, euphoric cerebral high, not to mention relaxed deep body buzz. It relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and sleep.

Sunset sherbet strain

Sunset sherbet marijuana strain is an indica dominant hybrid. These buds are deep purple and coated in orange hairs. They glue along because of high rosin productions. This strain delights the senses with an upscale aroma palette of citrus berries and candy. Sunset Sherbet marijuana is nice for night and evening use.

9 Pound Hammer strain

9 Pound Hammer cannabis strain is an 80/20 Indica hybrid with a comparatively high THC cartridges that may reach up to 23%. Even as the name suggests, it’s associate degree intense and daring strain with a sweet grape aroma and tart lime flavor once preserved. The buds are recognizable by their density and rosin coating. 9 Pound Hammer’s cannabis strain is sedative, and its effects are long.

Cherry Pie Kush

Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a 70 indica/30 Sativa hybrid, conjointly called Cherry Kush. The onset is extremely active, like clear-headed positive and cerebral, followed by physical relaxation driven by Indica biological science. The Cherry Pie buds are dark purple-green in color, thick and pitchy. This marijuana is extremely potent, with cannabis oil cartridges of up to 25%, she isn’t the most effective selection for beginners. Cherry pie marijuana is nice for already dark use because of the sedative result.

Night Nurse Marijuana Strain

Night Nurse Cannabis strain by BC Bud Depot is associate degree 80/20 Indica with a THC average of 21%. It tastes sort of a strong cup of low with a spicy smoke. The aroma is a lot of floral and contrasts superbly with the earthiness and low notes. Buds are large pepper formed and dense with numerous golden crystal trichomes. It will treat headaches or migraines, sleep disorders, depression, and chronic pain. This strain is best for night usage.

Dolato Strain

Dolato is an Indica- dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by combining biological science from Gelato #41 and DO-SI-Dos. The result’s a strain that includes a high THC cartridges at 22-29%. This strain has been supposed by reviewers nearly as good for calming a stressed mind and reposeful a tense body; however, conjointly leaves you dazed and insensible. Dolato is claimed to be excellent for treating conditions equivalent to chronic pain, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and muscle spasms, or cramps.

Night Shade

Nightshade cannabis strain by Barney’s farm is associate degree Indica dominant hybrid with a high e-juice cartridges of 22% that professional tokers can love. Plump and large buds with exotic lineage powerfully smell like sweet pine. It will treat a sleep disorder, craving loss, spasms, stress, and pain. The night is ideal for evening usage.

Granddaddy Purple

First discovered and cultivated by Ken Estes of Granddaddy purple in 2003 this galvanized cross of Purple Urkle and large Bud has resulted in many phenotypes, Granddaddy purple cleanses the mind of the day’s disagreeable events, permitting the brain to downshift into neutral. Now not over-revved within the quick mental lane, the mind decompresses for a reposeful night’s sleep.

Comatose OG

Comatose OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the ill-famed OG kush with another unknown Indica dominant hybrid. The high starts with a potent buzz that slams into your head, 1st lifting you into a euphorian and slightly unfocused state. This intoxicating result quickly turns serious as your body settles into a deep and peaceful body high that leaves you couch-locked and totally insensible for hours and hours on the finish while not relief. Because of these effects and its super high 23-27% average oil cartridges, Comatose OG is commonly chosen to treat conditions equivalent to a chronic pain sleep disorder, stress, and nausea or craving loss.


If you want to buy marijuana or cannabis for insomnia, is possible from a legit dispensary like Marijuana Strains Store. Marijuana Strains Store is a professional and cheap legit online dispensary where you can shop weed online with confidence over 100 products that are available in the store. These cannabis strains are grown with attention by certified growers; they have made partnerships.


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Top 6 Programming Languages For iOS/Android App Development 5 Aug 2020, 1:26 am

Mobile app development has tremendously changed the business sector from the past few years. The evolution in the world is profitable not only for those who want to gain profits from it but also for those who believe in their business app ideas and are continuously working hard to achieve their dreams.

In case you are planning to build an app for your business, then partner with an Android App Development Company and discuss your plan. The crucial part is to choose the programming language for mobile apps that can make your app a successful one when it comes to features. Once finalizing your app idea, it is time to understand the marketplace and your audience choose a programming language that suits your app idea to make a hybrid, cross-platform or native app as per your business strategy.

Here today, we are going to deep dive into the top six programming languages that make your search process easier.

Statistics linked with programming languages

As per market reports, Python is the most well-liked language, and the language witnessed tremendous growth in the last five years, 20.3% percent, while Java lost its users up to -8.5 percent.

Almost 63.5% of users state that they are using HTML/CSS. SQL, Python, and Java, while 68% of users say they are using JavaScript programming languages around the world.


It is one of the top programming languages 2020 if you are planning to create something unique for your audience. With this language, you can create a Web-fronted app that gives users the best experience on their Smartphone devices. HTML5 is used on various browsers and successfully adopted by mobile and desktop browsers efficiently. When you create an app with this language, it offers quite scalable cross-platform support. It is the reason that most of the developers choose this cross-browser support programming language for their development work.


  • It works on all the devices quite smoothly
  • Supports the latest versions of major browsers
  • Greater flexibility to hold various elements of multimedia
  • Needs minimum coding skills
  • Codesharing is quite easy on all levels


Well, it comes with a bundle of benefits, and this is the reason the programming language is accepted across the globe. Java is one of the most chosen languages when it comes to building applications on Android. It is an object-oriented language that is ruling the marketplace for the past 20 years. Java is used widely by developers due to the re-usable code feature. It can be run in various ways. It is a platform-independent language that can be used in different operating systems. The flexibility in usage is one of the prime reasons that it is accepted for cross-platform apps.


  • Straightforward to use
  • It offers reusable code
  • Java helps to organize the bigger modules into smaller
  • It reduces security threats and risks
  • Low-cost development


The dynamic high-level programming language is almost 30 years old in the marketplace and is still ruling like a boss. The language can be used in app development, web development, and creating cost-effective programs. If you are looking for a budget-friendly development, then choose Python as your programming language. It has various benefits in real life as most of the schools are using this language as a subject to enhance the coding skills of students from a young age. The ceding process is simple to learn but sometimes difficult to implement. The language is thus potentially used in developing desktop and android apps from scratch.


  • Easy to Use
  • The language is well-structured
  • It is fast to develop apps
  • Open Source language
  • Offers complete flexibility


If you are planning to develop a cross-platform app, then you can choose Flutter. It has gained recognition in the marketplace for the past few days. The cross-platform language is based on the dart and gives developers an easy way to create appealing applications. Flutter developed by Google and is widely accepted by mobile app developers due to a variety of tools that can be used with this to create Android and iOS applications. Flutter is the best alternative to JavaScript.


  • Free and open source
  • Fast and customizable
  • Covering both Android and iOS platforms
  • Customize widgets
  • Ideal for MVP


Swift is one of the top programming languages in 2020. The dominant language is used for iOS app development, and writing code in Swift is quite easy and fun. The syntax of the programming language is short yet expressive. It provides all the latest features that you are looking for in a modern language. It is the reason Swift liked the mobile app developer’s community. It is safe to use this as it also offers a fast development process.

Well, Swift is majorly used for iOS app development as it offers clean and reliable coding that boosts the performance of the app.


  • Large supportive community
  • A large number of third-party tools
  • Clean and reliable code
  • Rapid development process
  • Boost your app’s performance


It is yet another cross-platform mobile app development language that is widely accepted as it eliminates all the compatibility issues in the app. The open-source, cross-platform language is free to use and is mostly used for building apps along with C#. The use of this language facilitates the iOS, Android, and Windows app development process. It uses a single language to create apps for all the platforms.


  • Code for All Platforms
  • Offers excellent results
  • Eliminates all the hardware and compatibility issues
  • Better customization
  • Save your time


Here in this blog, we have summed up all the trending programming languages for the year 2020. Among all these, you can choose the one that suits your business requirement. In addition to this, choose a language that offers promising features and libraries to you as a mobile app developer that will help you in the development process.

Before starting the development process, most of the users search online for all the details to make their app more promising. Moreover, to make your app successful, developers must keep checking the latest trends in the market and adopt the changes as mobile development is a promising technology, and to make an app flourish, you have to choose the best for it and nothing in between.

Author bio:

Anita Gigoo is a Senior Content Writer at Mobileappdiary. She knows various topics related to mobile app development. She writes on various topics related to Mobile app design, web development, and social media platforms for the past five years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes her a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. Being an expert, she loves to explore new ideas related to mobile technology.

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Creating Triangles in CSS 5 Aug 2020, 12:06 am

I’ve come across a few techniques and tips in my career, while working at my last gig a co-worker pointed me to this technique. I believe this was originally discovered by the legendary Eric Meyer, but I couldn’t find much documentation about it on the web so I thought I would describe it here.

How it works

Few people realize when a browser draws the borders, it draws them at angles. This technique takes advantage of that. One side of the border is colored for the color of the arrow, and the rest are transparent. Then you set the width of the border to something large, the ones above are 20px. To demonstrate here is a div with all sides colored.

<div class="css-arrow-multicolor"></div>

.css-arrow-multicolor {
  border-color: red green blue orange;

As you can see there are triangles hidden in that square. These triangles are right triangles with a little tweaking with the border sizes you can get acute triangles.

.css-arrow-acute {
  border-color: red green blue orange;
  border-width:25px 10px 15px 30px;

With a little creativity and tweaking there are lots of shapes that can be made.







Now for application:

This is a classic chat bubble, no images used.

<div class="chat-bubble">
  <div class="chat-bubble-arrow-border"></div>
  <div class="chat-bubble-arrow"></div>

.chat-bubble {
  border:2px solid #666666;
  margin:10px auto;
  -moz-box-shadow:0 0 5px #888888;
  -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 5px #888888;

.chat-bubble-arrow-border {
  border-color: #666666 transparent transparent transparent;
  border-style: solid;
  border-width: 10px;

.chat-bubble-arrow {
  border-color: #EDEDED transparent transparent transparent;
  border-style: solid;
  border-width: 10px;

This technique doesn’t work in ie6 as is, mainly because ie6 doesn’t allow transparent borders, but there is a fix for that. What you need to do is give the “transparent” sides a completely different color like pink and then use filter: chroma to turn that color transparent.

  /* IE6 */
.chat-bubble-arrow {
    _border-left-color: pink;
    _border-bottom-color: pink;
    _border-right-color: pink;
    _filter: chroma(color=pink);

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